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Jewellery shopping.

Antigua is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, said to have 365 beaches one for every day of the year. I have never checked if this is true but I would love to spend my time investigating. I only had one day as do most tourists visiting Antigua on a Cruise Ship. Luckily the ships dock right in the downtown area its so easy and accessible to literally step off the gangway into the shops. 

Antigua is very special to me mainly because of the great friends I met over the years, Mr & Mrs Beth Abbotts whom I adore.  Owners of a very special jewelry boutique called Sterling’s just got everything you would want to shop for in the Caribbean Islands. Hearts on Fire Diamonds, Pandora charms, Marahlago, and Alex & Ani for my American friends. 

Swimwear and Apparel shopping.

My other dear friends Liz Minors and her daughter Nikki have lived in Antigua for over 38 years they own and operate one of my favorite luxury swimwear, beach wear and gypsy chic boutiques Sunseakers I shop there every single time I am in Antigua and I know many cruise ship guests do the same.  I don’t know about you but I am the worst at picking a swimsuit for myself. Liz, Nikki and their staff are amazing, they know immediately what style, size, colour, fit, and style swimsuit you need and bring you the best of the best for you to choose from. I invariably end up with several swimsuits which is a delight because I can NEVER find a swimsuit I am comfortable in so I get several to last me until my next trip. Another bonus is that they fit nicely into my suitcase so I don’t add too much to my luggage weight.

Indigenous to Antigua.

Another great jewelry boutique which has been there long before I arrived on the scene 22 years ago is Goldsmitty with a gorgeous array of extremely unique and rare gemstones.  Hans and Nancy Smit the owners travel the ends of the earth for unique gemstones. Once Hans has the rough stones in his hands he creates a setting around the stone to enhance the natural beauty.  In fact, speaking of extremely unique gemstones check out the Antiguanite, exclusive to Goldsmitty.

Antiguanite started their journey over millions of years ago and through many volcanic upheavals, the organic leftovers of coral heads, which had been originally a gift from the seas, were covered by mud and ash, they were gradually replaced by mineral laden substances which eventually crystallized in mostly hexagonal (quartz) patterns in many different colours and sizes.

Goldsmitty have learned how to cut it, carefully slicing off its brown protective coating of iron oxide and exposing its hidden beauty with all its different patterns. Goldsmitty grind and polish it into beautiful gemstones which are set into their unique silver and gold Jewellery, designed and made and exclusively available at The Goldsmitty.

Nancy and Hans Smit invite you “to own a piece of our rock” as a memento of your visit to their lovely island.  I highly recommend a visit to Goldsmitty’s 

Food in Antigua


For the best lunch check out Cloggy’s located on the second floor of the Antigua Yacht Club Marina Building in English Harbour, take in the stunning views over Falmouth Harbour and watch the multi-million-dollar yachts sail in and out daily.  You can choose to sit inside, they have a full bar, table seating and an area with comfortable chairs. There is an outside eating area with great views over the harbour and cooling breezes. If you’re with a big group contact them for bookings but otherwise you should be okay just to rock up.  They also have a TV and usually have football matches, formula 1 racing and any other great sports playing.

The restaurant has Dutch roots, hence the name, with a smattering of Mediterranean influences and the food is consistently excellent quality. Only the freshest ingredients and seasonal vegetables are used to create tasty, colorful dishes for the perfect lunch or evening menu with excellent food and cooled wines.

Or I recommend Le Bistro a fabulous French restaurant open since 1981, in 1981 Antigua was transitioning to independence.  The owners of Le Bistro Antigua decided to give this young independent country its first taste of real French food.  Three decades later they are still consistently good, recommended by Gourmet Magazine between 1996 – 2010 and Caribbean Journal in 2017.  For their outstanding menu, wine list and reservations go to their website.

Something very different…….

One of the most amazing things you can do is take a helicopter ride over Antigua check out Caribbean Helicopters and book direct.

I’m Melissa, I’ve been recommending shopping to Cruise ship and River Cruise guests for over 22 years. I love shopping in the Caribbean, Alaska, and European destinations. I develop shopping programs for Cruise lines, and I enjoy sharing all my recommendations with you. I hope you have a perfect day shopping, eating and drinking ashore during your cruise.

That’s me on the left with my good friend Liz Minors owner of Sunseakers in Antigua, the swimwear in the background is a giveaway 🙂

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    Love Antigua and Melissa managed to capture the island’s shopping atmosphere with just a few words, makes me want to jump on a plane right now. I also love the beaches all around the island, there is something for everyone🏖🏖. Both Cloggy’s and Le Bistro should be on your list to check, my personal favourite for a quick bite close to where the cruise ship dock is C&C Wine House, a little gem nestled in the courtyard of historic Redcliff Quai – fresh ingredients, passion for quality and South African wines. Happy travels and enjoy your shopping!

    1. Avatar

      Hi Ella,

      Your right I totally forgot about C&C Wine House it is amazing I have spent many an afternoon there enjoying the ambiance, food and wine. Makes me want to go there now, lets go 🙂

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