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I’ve been to Barbados 100’s of times, my first ever ship 22 years ago came here every week and I have advised thousands of guests about the shopping.  Back then the choices were the Cruise ship Terminal which is more than adequate if you only have an hour or so before you must get back to the ship.  Or the downtown area which was great 22 years ago but now it’s just congested, paths are all in disrepair, hard to get around with the traffic and noise a bit of a nuisance.

Major Shopping…

If you’re in need of some major shopping take a taxi and head in the opposite direction to the cruise ship terminal up to Holetown where you will find a shopping and lifestyle paradise called Lime Grove Lifestyle Center. Every beautiful shop imaginable from designer watches, jewelry, leather, clothes, cosmetics and fragrances.  Today we took 4 lovely couples from the Oceania Riviera up there to experience hassle free shopping and they loved it. 

It’s so great shopping with guests you learn so much, one couple told me that they shop in local supermarkets, they always find local items that are more than double the price in airports and tourist areas.  They bought this gorgeous coffee called Wyndhams Dawn Patrol, roasted on Barbados, the smell from this little bag was divine.  Another couple bought a gorgeous diamond ring from Diamonds International, another a full Bulgari suite from the Bulgari boutique and finally we were all impressed with another couple’s perfume find, called Kai which is oil that you roll on, the smell lasts forever and is a wonderful fragrance check it out here is the website

Dawn Patrol – Locally ground coffee from Barbados

There is a lovely bar in the middle for some refreshments, coffee bars, cafés and restaurants, worth the visit.  The feedback from each guest was ‘Caribbean tax-free shopping at its best’.  Four ships were docked in town and the Cruise Ship Terminal and the downtown area was over crowded but we felt so laid back and hassle free, I recommend it.  If your serious about shopping, love brands and quality merchandise then definitely head down to Lime Grove there is a free shuttle so check it out on their website.

Hotels and Tours..

Time Out Hotel – Barbados.

As I said earlier I travel to Barbados a lot and I often need to stay somewhere on a budget  contact the manager Alicia for some good rates.  If you’re a sports fan and especially into football (soccer for my American friends) there is a great sports bar called Amigos right in the hotel.  Across from the hotel is a great beach with bars and restaurants so you never go hungry or thirsty.  To your left as you leave the hotel is a small booking office called – Barbados Bookings ask for Vanda or email her directly where you can book your tours direct, I highly recommend the catamaran been on it many times and it never disappoints.  We usually come back a little tipsy as the rum flows freely from start to finish.

Beaches, Bar’s and Restaurants..

Barbados is full of beautiful beaches and great shopping if you have a whole day or even a half day as I said earlier head up to Lime Grove, if you just have an hour or two then just stay in the Cruise ship terminal.  If you want a relaxing gorgeous beach then head up to the Radisson, great restaurant, great beach it’s a little hidden cove, calm blue sea and sometimes if your lucky you get to see the race horse trainers bring their horses up for a swim.  Yes you heard me right, they literally bring this athletic race horses and the lead them into the water.  Some horses will stay in the shallows but some you see swimming off into deep water with their trainers.  Great exercise if you’re an athletic race horse they love it, rearing up on the beach with excitement it is so beautiful to watch.

Another beach bar which is a bit livelier is Harbour Lights bar, it’s a bit busier than Radisson they have typical bar food, and you need to pay for the sun loungers and water sports.  There is a lady there who sells gorgeous hand made jewelry made from glass she finds washed up on the beach, it is so organic and beautiful they always have local arts and crafts there so check it out.

Something a bit random..

Really random but if you love Jerk Chicken then visit Just Grillin, it is on the way to Radisson and well worth the visit, If your familiar with the Island bus then just hop on that for a few dollars or grab a taxi most drivers will know about Just Grillin. It is so worth it and there is also a beach across the road called Accra Beach.  But the chicken at Just Grillin is some of the best I have ever had and well worth the feasts they serve.  Its opposite the famous hotel called Accra Beach, also great facilities and beach.

I’m Melissa, I’ve been recommending shopping to Cruise ship and River Cruise guests for over 22 years. I love shopping in the Caribbean, Alaska, and European destinations. I develop shopping programs for Cruise lines, and I enjoy sharing all my recommendations with you. I hope you have a perfect day shopping, eating and drinking ashore during your cruise.

This is my and Jaira the Shopping Lecturer on the Oceania Riviera as we prepare to take a private group shopping in Lime Grove Lifestyle Center such fun.

If I’ve overwhelmed you and your not sure what to do during your visit to Barbados then just send me a message with what you love to do and how much time you have and I will hook you up with the best of the best.

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